Industrial partners

SIG - services industriels de Genève

Financial support

Klingenburg GmbH

Expertise and supply ex-gratia of high performance counterflow heat exchangers.

swisspor Romandie SA

Expertise and supply ex-gratia of special high performance expanded polystyrene products for the passive igloo construction and hull insulation.

Honda Suisse SA

Provision of a heated workshop to accomodate the passive igloo during construction.



Institutional partners

The Polar Secretariat : Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI)

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources :

Météo France

University of Brest

University of Savoie

University of Geneva

Associative partners

Yachting Club CERN : YCC

oceaneye :


Special thanks to Remy, Colette, Rob, Lisa, Mathilde, Dolores, Haude, Reto, Peter, Christophe, Christine, Kalle, Pascal, Patrick, Dimitri, Miguel, Stéphane, Ivan, David, Hans, Jakob, Barbara, Perle, Cora, Jean-Guillaume, Melvin, Jonas, Clementine, Sylvie, Bernard, Estelle, Valentine and the numerous members from YCC for their help,interest, advice, ideas and passionate participation.


... and Eric Brossier from the Vagabond, specially for climatic and ice releted data that were of special interest for simulation and design of the passive igloo.



haude morel & peter.gallinelli September 2015